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lady in London with daisies and London Eye
Hey! It's me.... the sometimes technically challenged wanna be blogger.

Confession #1 I've never been good at keeping up with a diary.

There it is. My dirty little secret. For someone who loves to write, talk and practically wallows in words all day, this may be a surprising revelation. I'm good at starting a journal, even keeping up for a month or so, but then life takes over and I shove that journal who daily mocks my inconsistency into some dark corner of my house and forget about it. That is until, in a fit of tearing a room apart and cleaning it like crazy, the journal reveals its hiding place and I fall down the rabbit hole and resolve to do better. Much like a New Year's resolution... it doesn't exactly stick.

Confession #2: Facebook is quick and easy and has been my go-to for many years. I can post, add a photo, and BOOM! Done. But I like more content than just random tidbits and ramblings on life and my adventures. I love photography. I love crafting, and cooking, and reading and traveling... you get the picture too many hobbies too little time. And while FB is great in many ways, it just doesn't serve the purpose for me anymore. I'd really like to house all my words, photography galleries, and crafty store on one glorious website.

Confession#3 I'm a WP newbie. I know practically nothing about the technical feat I'm attempting here... and will likely invent a few new cuss words and possibly pull out my hair in the process of said attempt to create this glorious still-in-development website.

Luckily, I'm married to my wonderful Tech Geek IT Guy who is generally my go-to for all things tech related. But: I WANT TO DO IT MYSELF!!! (stomps foot)  And the promise and challenge of learning something new kicks and screams like a toddler every time I even think about asking him for help. The old adage, "Pride goes before the fall" plays on repeat as I stubbornly hold on to this newborn idea of building a brand, blogging, and maybe just maybe making a little income to boot. Branching out is scary, but I'm going to rip off the proverbial band-aid and as Nike would say, "Just Do It!" I can say that, right? I mean I cited the source... so?? UGH! So much to learn!

Well, dear reader, I've armed myself with a Yeti tumbler full of sweet-as-dessert coffee, a fresh notepad full of ideas,  loads of tutorials and webinars, a pb&j, and here we go... won't you join me?

Please be patient. <cringe>

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