Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Newborn Photography

When should I get newborn pictures made of my baby?

We consider the newborn stage to be the first 6 weeks of life. We like to have your session between 7-14 days since babies change so quickly in the first weeks. As newborns grow, they lose flexibility for posing, and no longer sleep through just about anything, making it challenging to capture those dreamy precious photos you love. We like to say sooner is better- as soon as you're feeling up to an outing. If you've had a difficult delivery and can't imagine leaving the house just yet, or if the weather is not cooperating, you might consider a home lifestyle session for you newborn portraits.

I'd love to get some pictures of my baby like the ones I see on Pinterest...

Yes! We would love for you to have Pinterest worthy pictures of your newborn. While we strive to create a beautiful gallery that is personal and precious to your family, the safety of your baby needs to our number one priority. Please know that many images you see on Pinterest are composite images and are never posed the exactly the way you see them in the final result- this is for the safety of your baby. Please make sure to discuss your ideas with us before your session so we may prepare our studio to accommodate special posing and allow for an assistant to be present if necessary. We do not guarantee any specific poses. We work to pose your baby safely and some babies do not like certain positions and let us know they are not comfortable. We listen to every tiny noise they make to assess their comfort and safety at all times.

With so many photographers in my area how do I choose a Newborn Photographer?

While you may have an abundance of Arkansas photographers at all kinds of price points, choose a photographer who specializes in newborn photography. It is tempting to consider the cheaper options around you. Remember that you are choosing to hire a professional for a specialty service and the photographer you choose has likely invested countless hours in extensive training and equipment, and will gladly invest many hours into your session to make it special. Our pricing is a reflection of over 15 years experience and my time  investment into creating beautiful memories for you.

First and foremost you'll want to choose someone who has been trained in infant safety while posing and photographing your newborn. I have over 15 years experience and have received hands-on training from industry experts in photographing and posing newborns safely.

Secondly, look for a photographer with a gallery of work that showcases a particular style or look that you want for your own images. Look at their portfolio, their editing  and styling choices to make sure it matches your vision.

Lastly, look for a photographer that offers pricing packages that work for your budget. A newborn photography session is  a specialty service and an investment in your personal memories, but the last thing you want is to see gorgeous images of your baby only to find out that you can't afford to get any of them printed. Plan ahead and add newborn photography into your baby budget. Also we are happy to offer gift certificates to family members who may want to shower your family with the gift of a session.


What can I expect at a newborn photography session?

Every photographer's style is unique to the brand of art they produce. After you have completed our session paperwork, I will send  a what to expect email along with helpful tips to ready your newborn for their session. A few important things to note:

  • Arrive to your appointment on time to get the most from your session.
  • Feed your baby just before you leave for your appointment and top them off when you arrive while we are setting up and making final styling choices.
  • Please bring a pacifier- even if you are choosing not to use one regularly. Use of pacifiers during a session is discretionary and their availability can make or break a session. Babies sometimes just need to suck for comfort and not because they are needing to be fed.
  • Relax and enjoy this time. Let me use my baby whispering magic.

We have a unique set-up and workflow to maximize your session time and get beautiful images of your baby that you will treasure for a lifetime.


What all is included in a newborn session? Do I get my pictures the same day?

A newborn session consists of a home lifestyle session or studio portrait session of the newborn and family.  The session fee covers my time, professional editing, and studio assistants or costs incurred. We offer a variety of special packages for digitals and print products unique to our studio. Our session fees do include digital images. Print products may be purchased separately.

You will receive your online proof gallery to view your images within 10 days. You are then able make your favorite selections to be edited. We present your session images in a private password protected gallery. Our usual time frame for delivering final images is between 2-4 weeks after your selections have been made.

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