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5 Tips for the Sweetest Cake Smash Session| Little Rock Arkansas baby photography

Cake smash sessions are always so sweet... and delightfully messy! Sometimes you get babies who dive right in and demolish the cake, eat as much as possible before mama jumps in to stop them, and make a glorious frosting smeared mess while happily ignoring the lady with the camera.

Oftentimes, though, babies are not too sure what to do with the cake and need a little encouragement, or do not like the mess on their hands or the taste of the frosting. What do you do with a reluctant cake smasher?

Turns out, even slow to warm up babies can give you some cake smash session sweetness if you are patient!

First, try to get some poses without the cake. Use some balloons, tassels or a cute favorite toy to get baby comfortable in your backdrop/prop area.

You can then try and add the cake to the props- over to the side and just barely within reach. Most babies will be naturally curious and you can snap a few shots of them reaching out towards the cake.

Once they are interested, you can seat them in the center of your backdrop area, make their chubby little legs into a V shape, and place the cake between them.


Most will still curiously explore the new "toy" even if they don't dive right in. Now is a good time for mama to help them along by gently placing their hand into the cake and smashing it a bit before moving back for your shot. Mom can even give baby a taste of the frosting to see if that peaks her interest.


Some babies, though no matter what you try will never warm up to the feel or taste of the frosting and you'll end up with some adorable squishy faced baby photos with a sort of smooshed cake as set decor.


No matter which baby you end up with in your cake smash session, it is sure to be filled with squishy baby sweetness and mama will have a fun story to tell about baby's first birthday!


Baby Boy First Birthday Photo Shoot with Balloons
Baby Boy First Birthday Cake Smash in highchair
Baby Boy First Birthday Photo Shoot with Balloons

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